International Women’s Day 2022: Q&A with Rosemarie Jones, Church Commissioners
Rosemarie Jones, leading property expert and Chair of WPA’s committee discusses International Women's Day 2022.
Blog: Global Cities
Chief Economic Advisor Alexander Jan reflects on how London and New York have been affected by the pandemic.
Blog: More intermediate housing to support the key workers that shape our City
WPA NextGen blog exploring the need for more intermediate housing in Westminster.
WPA Chair Paul Williams sets out ambitions for his tenure
Newly elected WPA Chair Paul Williams (Derwent London) explains key priorities for the WPA under his leadership.
Blog: “Pasta in the post & Soho re-emerging” – A spotlight on Bancone
Blog by WPA NextGen committee members Andy Hing and Emma Matus.
Blog: Ricotta get thru this: A spotlight on pizza pilgrims
A look at how Pizza Pilgrims are innovating through Covid-19.
Blog: The importance of the office
NextGen blog exploring the importance of office
Blog: Pride in Central London’s built environment
Conversations with Kelly Canterford, James Manning and Martin Smith.
The power of partnership – message from WPA Chair
WPA Chair shares message of unity amidst Covid-19
Advice note: developing during furlough
Advice note for furloughed NextGen members