Blog: More Than Just A to B by Emma Lally
Read WPA NextGen Chair Emma Lally's blog on the evolving role of streets in the City of Westminster.
Speech: Marcus Geddes, WPA Chair’s keynote speech from the 2023 WPA Annual Lunch
Read Marcus Geddes speech from the 2023 WPA Annual Lunch at the Grosvenor House Hotel.
Blog: Is London’s post-pandemic rebound ‘clobbering’ New York? by Alexander Jan
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Press release: Marcus Geddes is elected Chair of the WPA
WPA has elected Marcus Geddes, Managing Director, Workplace at Landsec, as its new Chair at its Annual General Meeting.
Blog: Mr Balls and Pandora’s Box by Alexander Jan
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Press Release: Westminster Property Association and Westminster City Council launch London’s first Sustainable City Charter
New framework launched to support West End businesses in decarbonising Westminster’s built environment
Blog: Improving social mobility in Westminster by Carl Konadu, BEM
How can businesses improve social mobility for young people from underrepresented backgrounds?
“I’m interested in outcomes” – Interview with Cllr Geoff Barraclough, the City of Westminster’s Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development
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Blog: Creating a Workplace Wellbeing Experience by Phil Haddleton
WPA NextGen committee member Phil Haddleton discusses the importance of wellness and the future of the workplace.
Global powerhouse: how London measures up to rival cities in 2022
London's Covid recovery compares well to other cities but the economy will be tested by war in Ukraine.