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Westminster Property Association (WPA) is the voice of property in Central London. Representing 240+ members, the Association brings together property owners, developers, occupiers and professional advisers into a collective voice to inform policy makers and drive the economic prosperity of Westminster.

We make representations to policymakers at local and national level, publish thought leadership research, and bring our members together to expand their network and industry knowledge.




Making it the most productive commercial district in the UK.

9million sqm

A diverse built environment, with 9 million square metres of office space.


GVA produced

In 2019 the City of Westminster produced £78.6bn in GVA, almost 40% of Central London’s economic activity.


WPA hosts a wide range of events to help members stay informed and connected. We regularly engage with industry leaders and representatives from local and national government.


WPA supports the next generation of industry leaders by helping younger professionals expand their buiness networks and broaden their industry knowledge.

Supported by Gardiner & Theobald, the WPA NextGen committee oversees an exciting programme of events and drives initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion within the industry.

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Membership of the WPA is open to developers, owners, investors and professional advisors who have an interest in real estate in the City of Westminster or its neighbouring commercial districts.