Westminster is a fantastic city; the businesses and institutions that operate here, and the buildings they occupy, are renowned across the world and have been pivotal in establishing the culture and vibrancy of the place it is today. However, these buildings also contribute over 60% – by far the largest proportion – of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The Sustainable City Charter aims to bring together a broad network of forward-thinking businesses and organisations of all sizes and from all sectors, committed to reducing these emissions and drive progress towards a net zero carbon city by 2040.

The Charter is underpinned by a voluntary framework for climate and sustainability action relating to the use of commercial buildings across Westminster. In joining the Charter, participants will be making a public commitment to the agenda and to improvements across a range of key environmental themes.

Participation is open to all businesses and organisations, from any sector, with commercial premises or buildings in development in the City. Visit  Westminster City Council’s website to express your interest in signing up to the Charter.

Participants will be supported via the Charter network; through knowledge-sharing, events and an evolving toolkit of advice and guidance developed by leading businesses facing similar challenges as part of a city-wide scheme. Simple annual progress updates will enable the partnership to identify successful outcomes and seek solutions to common challenges.

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Administrative support is provided by Westminster Property Association and Westminster City Council.

Why sign up?

  • Play a pivotal role in ensuring your business and/or building is climate resilient, safeguarding it from the impacts of climate change
  • Play a leading role in delivering a greener, cleaner Westminster
  • Enhance and demonstrate your sustainability credentials and commitment to your communities by using the Charter branding and logo in buildings and promotional materials
  • Gain meaningful insight and guidance by participating in exclusive networking and knowledge sharing events
  • Benefit from access to industry toolkit, materials, research and insights to help inform your net zero journey
  • Benefit from lower energy bills and creating low carbon buildings that will be commercially viable long into the future.
  • Future proof your Westminster portfolio and business by getting ahead of future Government legislation
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The Sustainable City Charter

The Charter is a living partnership based on collaboration and a shared goal to reduce operational carbon emissions and ensure Westminster becomes a net zero city by 2040.

This is the start of the journey. The Charter will continue to be reviewed and updated, evolving to reflect the changing landscape and needs of participating businesses and Westminster communities. These changes will be steered and driven by the Charter’s steering group and a technical working group.

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