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Speech: Marcus Geddes, WPA Chair’s keynote speech from the 2024 WPA AGM Reception
Read Marcus Geddes' speech from the 2024 WPA AGM here.
WPA Annual Report 2023/24
Read the 2023/24 WPA annual report here.
Our Mayoral Manifesto for May 2024
Read our Mayoral Manifesto for Economic, Social and Environmental Prosperity.
Delivering Good Growth in Westminster
Read our report on the future of growth in Westminster.
Blog: More Than Just A to B by Emma Lally
Read WPA NextGen Chair Emma Lally's blog on the evolving role of streets in the City of Westminster.
Global Cities Survey (February 2024)
The ninth Global Cities Survey launched by the London Property Alliance (LPA) with research undertaken by Centre for London.
Diversifying Real Estate Guidebook: Faith & Religion
London’s Knowledge Clusters: From Emerging to Maturing
Read London Property Alliance’s new research on the growth of life science districts across London here.
Speech: Marcus Geddes, WPA Chair’s keynote speech from the 2023 WPA Annual Lunch
Read Marcus Geddes speech from the 2023 WPA Annual Lunch at the Grosvenor House Hotel.
Blog: Is London’s post-pandemic rebound ‘clobbering’ New York? by Alexander Jan
Read Alexander's blog piece on London and New York's pandemic recoveries
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Diversifying Real Estate: Sexuality

This guide aims to help individuals and organisations make Central London’s real estate sector more accessible and inclusive for people that identify as LGBTQ+, with suggestions of way to improve representation and support at Board, middle management and NextGen levels.

Part of a series of six booklets themes around diversifying London's real estate sector, this guide has been commissioned by CPA and WPA NextGen, produced by London Property Alliance, and supported by NextGen champion, Gardiner & Theobald. It has been written in partnership with Freehold, and informed by roundtables attended by members, co-opted experts and stakeholders from local and London government.

Read the guide