Our membership reflects the full spectrum of Westminster's property industry, including investors, professional advisors and developers of real estate in the local area.

Organisations involved in Westminster’s built environment range from the historic landed estates and major REITs, though to affordable housing charities and small design practices.

Our member list
WPA membership is open to organisations which are actively involved in the City of Westminster’s built environment.

Our members form a vibrant and diverse network which comes together through informative seminars, events and projects which explore Westminster's built environment.

As well as representing our member's interests to local and national government, members have access to research insights and regular newsletters which provide updates on policies and issues that shape real estate in Central London.

Membership Benefits

Members receive access to informative events, insights and research useful for building industry knowledge, for CPD and for networking. We also represent our members' interests to local and national government through policy engagement.

We represent our members' interests to local and national government, helping to shape the policy context for Westminster's built environment.
Access to a full programme of informative WPA and London Property Alliance events.
Access to WPA research and WPA, London Property Alliance and London Planning News newsletters, providing updates on planning and policy news from across Westminster.
Networking opportunities with the WPA's diverse membership organisations and local government.
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