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Zero Carbon Westminster: A Focus on Retrofit in Historic Buildings


WPA’s latest research paper, Zero Carbon Westminster: A Focus on Retrofit in Historic Buildings, sets out a range of case studies, recommendations and retrofit measures, from low-cost and ‘light touch’ interventions through to comprehensive or ‘deep’ retrofits, and has been produced in collaboration with Gerald Eve, JLL and Savills, alongside input from both Westminster City Council and Historic England.

The report is the second in a series focusing on sustainability, and follows our Zero Carbon Westminster Whitepaper. The report has been led by a dedicated group of experts from the WPA’s Senior Advisory Group, a subgroup from member companies focusing on the development of real estate best practice and insight.

Tor Burrows, WPA Senior Advisory Group Chair and Executive Director, Sustainability & Innovation, Grosvenor GBI, said:

“One of London’s key assets and what makes it a leading global city is its heritage. Much of the city still retains characteristics, buildings and features which date back hundreds of years and need sensitive solutions to adapt them for the future.

“Our guidance pulls together examples of successful interventions, providing practical advice for building owners to take forward. More than 90% of non-domestic properties and almost half of the homes in Westminster will require upgrades before 2030, so the there is a real urgency to this work.”