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Zero Carbon Westminster


New research from the WPA calls on Westminster’s property owners, developers, advisors and investors to commit to action which will decarbonise the City’s built environment by 2040. It also puts forward recommendations to policymakers at local and national Government to help our industry go further.

The project has been led by WPA’s Senior Advisory Group with support from JLL, data provided by Vu.City and input from a range of contributors, including BBPUKGBC and Historic England.

Read the whitepaper here.

In her foreword to the research, Cllr Rachael Robathan, Leader of Westminster City Council commented: “I am extremely pleased to be supporting this white paper and very much welcome the commitment from the Westminster Property Association to work with us to tackle the pressing issue of climate change and deliver a net zero carbon city by 2040

“I know that many landowners, businesses and residents are already taking great strides to reduce carbon emissions from their buildings, but we will only achieve the scale of impact required to deliver a net zero carbon Westminster by 2040 by working together. This white paper is an important first step and I very much look forward to working with the WPA to implement the recommendations.”

Co-Chairs of the research Michael Meadows (British Land – Head of Planning) and Tor Burrows (Grosvenor Britain & Ireland – Director of Sustainability & Innovation) said: “81% of the public are concerned about climate change, and the business case for green investment is clear. Businesses and policymakers must work together, in partnership with local residents and commercial occupiers, to accelerate delivery and secure a zero carbon future.

“Fit for purpose, flexible work and retail spaces are required to retain and attract businesses and visitors to Westminster, and maintain the area’s economic competitiveness, as well as homes for residents. But these buildings should also be green, achieved through sensitive retrofit or redevelopment, where appropriate, to deliver the highest possible environmental standards.

“Achieving these goals in a post-Covid economy will be challenging, but we simply cannot afford to delay.”

Zero Carbon Westminster has received press coverage from Costar, EG and Property Week (£). Letters referencing the white paper by WPA Chair Olivia Harris have also been published by Costar and Property Week.

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