Westminster City Council Draft City Plan

19 Jun 2019

Westminster City Council has today published an updated Draft City Plan 2019-2040 for formal consultation, known as Regulation 19. The consultation will run for a six-week period until 31 July 2019 after which it is anticipated it will be submitted for Independent Examination in Autumn 2019.

The economic and cultural importance of Westminster to both the London and national economy, and the challenges which go with that responsibility, make it arguably the most complex area in the country for development.

On the whole we feel the Draft Plan sensitively seeks to balance this and the Council has used the previous months to factor in a wide range of responses ahead of the formal launch. The WPA looks forward to working with Westminster City Council during the consultation and eventual implementation phase of its new planning policies.

WPA Chair, Craig McWilliam said: “We welcome the City Council’s commitment to economic growth and improving the quality of life for all its residents. However, achieving both will depend on how much of the positive aspiration and pragmatism evident in this Draft Plan is applied in practice.

“There are also important balances to strike between heritage and design, and Westminster’s economic and cultural success at the heart of a global city. Getting these right in order to attract the private sector confidence and capital to invest will rely on the full engagement of all parties.”

A detailed review of the Draft Plan is ongoing. Read our initial response here. Read our previous submission to the informal consultation from December 2018 here.

Read the full updated Draft City Plan 2019-2040 here.