Manifesto for Growth: Post Brexit

24 Jan 2017

Manifesto for Growth: Post Brexit‘ is a research report commissioned by the London Property Alliance (CPA and WPA). It sets out a plan via a series of recommendations aimed at the Government, Mayor of London and local leaders for keeping London, and with the UK, globally competitive following Brexit.

The research states that the decision to leave the EU means that ongoing investment in the capital’s infrastructure, housing and workspaces to accommodate its growing population must be accelerated.

The five pillars of growth set out in the manifesto are:

Pillar 1 – UK Collaboration: Aid the London property sector to work with counterparts across UK cities to increase collaboration, share knowledge and promote a greater understanding.
Pillar 2 – London’s Role: Put London at the heart of the Brexit negotiations to ensure that its interests are understood, accepted and promoted by the UK negotiating team.
Pillar 3 – Infrastructure and Environment: Invest in world class infrastructure and create a healthy environment for residents, employees and visitors.
Pillar 4 – Homes and Workspaces: Provide the homes that London needs and the modern workspaces for its businesses.
Pillar 5 – Future Workforce: Provide the skills needed to build London and to attract and grow businesses.