Zero Carbon Westminster
Read our new white paper on decarbonising the City's built environment.
The Future of Westminster Post Covid-19: Planning for Recovery
New research from Westminster Property Association exploring the economic impact of Covid-19 and options for speeding up recovery.
Business Rates Reform Options Paper
Business Rates Reform Options Paper: History and Context by Professor Tony Travers and Alexander Jan
Building Skills for the Future: A Survey of the Central London Real Estate Sector
What skills are needed to future-proof Central London’s real estate industry?
Good Growth for Central London
Report examining the key risks and opportunities facing London's Central Activities Zone and Northern Isle of Dogs (CAZ+).
Core Values: The Future of Central London
Research report looking at the challenges and possible futures of the capital's central district.
London’s Knowledge Clsuters
London’s Knowledge Cluster explores the growing role of life sciences in the Capital.
Building Trust: Insight Paper on Good Growth
Report exploring the breakdown of public trust in planning and development.
Crossrail 2: Catalyst for Growth in Central London
Recommendations for unlocking development with Crossrail 2.
Strength in Numbers: Funding & Building More Affordable Housing in London
Research looking at the main barriers preventing boroughs from building, produced by Centre for London.