Diversifying Real Estate Guidebook: Faith & Religion
Past Event
NextGen webinar: Strengthening community engagement with digital tools
This webinar explores how community engagement in the planning system is being impacted by digitalisation.
Building Skills for the Future research launched
Launched on 17 June 2020, ‘Building Skills for the Future: A Survey of the Central London Real Estate Sector’
Past Event
Webinar: Building Skills for the Future research launch
Webinar exploring the skill gaps within our industry, disruptive trends, and how organisations can address skills shortages.
Past Event
Webinar: Nextgen Spotlight Series special
This WPA NextGen Spotlight Series webinar explores how our senior Board members are responding to the COVID-19 crisis.
Advice note: developing during furlough
Advice note for furloughed NextGen members
Working in Westminster: Thinking to the future
An overview of the WPA NextGen organised 'Working in Westminster - Thinking to the Future' roundtable discussion by Robyn Prince
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WPA NextGen spotlight launch