WPA Chair responds to Government restrictions

23 Sep 2020

“It is right to prioritise health, yet nobody will welcome the imposition of new restrictions, least of all businesses in the centre of London and other cites which have borne the economic brunt of coronavirus. For places like Westminster the social and economic cost of long term strict rules of the type now in place are the same as that of repeated full scale lockdowns like that imposed at the height of the pandemic.

We need strategic leadership and a long term plan to deal with coronavirus and the measures the country is prepared to take to minimise the spread of Covid-19 whilst simultaneously protecting people’s jobs, livelihoods and mental health. The Government is in an invidious position and we have to all work together in the national interest in times of crisis; we can only hope the actions taken will be swift and effective.”

Olivia Harris

WPA Chair

Chief Executive of Dolphin Living