Westminster City Plan 2019-2040

18 Jan 2021

LAST UPDATED: 18 January 2021 

City Plan 2019-2040 sets out an ambitious strategy to make Westminster one of the best places to live, work and play.

It has been informed by several rounds of public consultation and ongoing engagement with the council’s key partners and stakeholders.

Once the City Plan 2019-2040 has been adopted, it will be the Local Plan for Westminster and will replace all current policies in Westminster’s City Plan (November 2016) and saved policies in the Unitary Development Plan (2007).

Dates for the Westminster City Plan 2019-2040 Examination in Public took place digitally between 28 September-2 October and 12 October-16 October. Recordings from hearings are available online here (under ‘Hearings’).

This web page will be updated as and when updates on the City Plan become available. See below for the latest draft, consultation responses and other documents linked to the inquiry process.

Westminster City Council also has a comprehensive online store of all its submissions and correspondence here.

Regulation 19 Publication Draft City Plan 2019-2040 (June 2019)

WPA Response to Regulation 19 Draft City Plan 2019-2040 (July 2019)

Schedule of Proposed Minor Modifications to the City Plan (November 2019)

Appointed Inspectors Note 1 to Council Westminster Local Plan (December 2019)

Programme Officer Introductory Letter (December 2019)

WPA Letter to Independent Examiners for EiP (December 2019)

Appointed Inspectors Note 2 to Council Westminster Local Plan (January 2019)

Westminster City Council Response to Inspectors Note 2 (February 2020)

Appointed Inspectors Note 3 to Council Westminster Local Plan (February 2020)

Westminster City Council Response to Inspectors Note 3 (March 2020) (with key additional documents published alongside it)

WPA Letter to Independent Examinders for EiP (April 2020)

Matters, Issues and Questions identified by the Inspectors (May 2020)

Inspectors’ Guidance Notes (May 2020)

WPA Hearing Statements (June 2020)

Westminster City Council’s proposed City Plan modifications (September 2020)

WPA updated response to Hearing Sessions (September 2020)

The Planning Inspectorate letter (16 October 2020)

WPA Chair response to ordered removal of Article 10 of City Plan (November 2020)

WPA response to consultation on Main Modifications (January 2021)