Westminster City Council Policy Updates

16 May 2019

This month (May 2019) two key policy updates have emerged from Westminster City Council relating to development in the borough, details of which are below.

For a concise summary of the policy updates and the key changes please click here to read our ‘Planning summary note’ prepared by Gerald Eve.

1. Application of City Plan Policy S16 (Affordable Housing) 

Cllr Richard Beddoe (Cabinet Member for Place-Shaping and Planning at Westminster City Council) has published a statement clarifying the application of City Plan Policy S16, relating to affordable housing. In light of guidance in the NPPF and the emerging New London Plan, it confirms that WCC will seek provision of affordable housing from new residential development on the basis of gross floorspace, rather than net additional as has previously been the case. The note confirms that all applications submitted from 1 June 2019 onwards will be considered on this basis.

View Cllr Beddoe’s full statement here.

2. Inclusive Local Economy and Employment (City Plan Policy S19) – Guidance note

The City Council has set out a revised approach to applying its policy on employment, training and skills development.The guidance note explains how development contributions are negotiated and at what level. Developments of 1,000 to 10,000sqm, or over 50 residential units, will be expected to make s106 financial contributions at £32.41sqm for commercial floorspace or £4.88sqm for residential floorspace. Schemes over 10,000sqm will be expected to make these financial contributions and, additionally, complete Employment and Skills Plans, to be secured by s106. The note indicates these contributions will be negotiated by officers from 13 May.

View the note here.