Podcast: Pride in Central London’s built environment

26 Jun 2020

The LGBTQ+ community is vastly underrepresented in Central London’s real estate sector. An Estates Gazette survey of 300 queer identifying people in the sector showed that 81% of respondents felt that not enough was being done to promote the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community in real estate. According to a further EG survey, 58% of 350 LGBTQ+ respondents listed a lack of visible role models in the industry as the main perpetuating barrier facing queer people in the sector.  

This London Property Alliance podcast focuses on how London’s real estate profession can improve the visibility and experiences of LGBTQ+ people in their workforce and business practices. In this podcast we hear from industry experts who focus their efforts on initiatives to support the LGBTQ+ community in Central London’s built environment. The panel discuss their professional experiences and views on how business leaders can help promote and increase visibility in the sector. 


  • Kelly Canterford, D&I Programme Manager at Changing the Face of Property 
  • James Manning, Transformation Manager at Grosvenor Britain & Ireland   
  • Martin Smith, Commercial Offices Lead & Diversity & Inclusion Lead at Buro Four