Diversity pledge london

16 May 2019

Westminster Property Association has become a signatory of ‘Diversity Pledge London’, publicly committing the organisation to supporting diversity and inclusion in Central London’s property industry.

Diversity Pledge is an initiative by Future of London and supported by the Mayor of London.

As agreed by the WPA Board, the Association has signed the following pledges:

1. Hold public-facing events which include under-represented groups as speakers

2. Encourage organisations they work with to host diverse events

WPA Director Rosie Day said:

“As an Association, we are proud to champion greater diversity and inclusion. We know that the real estate profession has far to go in ensuring that talented people from all demographic groups and backgrounds are fairly represented, and encouraged to become industry leaders.

The WPA supports meaningful change with better visibility and opportunities for people from under-represented groups including gender, ethnicity, ability, sexuality and age. Our public commitments through Diversity Pledge London is an important first step.”

For more information on Diversity Pledge, including the pledge form, visit