Why Good Growth Matters

11 Mar 2024 to 11 Mar 2024
8:00 am to 10:00 am

Members and stakeholders attended our seminar exploring the future of Westminster and the key ingredients that will lead to a thriving and equitable market. Featuring the latest research from our forthcoming research, “Delivering Good Growth in Westminster“, we examined how different scenarios, such as Good Growth, will affect the economic landscape across a range of indices, including commercial real estate, jobs and transport.

The seminar featured a short presentation from Matthew Dillon, report author, Arup and was followed by a keynote by Professor Tony Travers, LSE, and an expert-panel discussion with the following key takeaways:

  • Westminster’s diverse ecosystem has a profound economic importance to London and the UK
  • More needs to be made of the public benefit of good growth, and the social value that is created
  • Public and private partnerships, and a supportive planning system, are vital for delivering world-class neighbourhoods
  • Sustainability and net zero ambitions, along with heritage protection, must be balanced with the need to support jobs, economic prosperity and compete with other global cities in attracting businesses and workers.

Our speakers included:

  • Matthew Dillon, Project Advisor, Arup and report author
  • Debbie Jackson, Executive Director of Regeneration, Economy and Planning, Westminster City Council
  • Professor Tony Travers, Director, London School of Economics and Political Science (panel chair and keynote)
  • James Raynor, WPA Vice Chair & Chief Executive, Grosvenor Property UK
  • Michelle McGrath, WPA Board & Executive Director, Shaftesbury Capital

This event was kindly hosted by British Land.

This Westminster Property Association (WPA) event is only open to members and stakeholders or guests of the research sponsors. If you are interested in joining our Association, please contact team@cwpa.org.uk

Professor Tony Travers (LSE)

From L to R: Matthew Dillon (Arup), Debbie Jackson (Westminster City Council), Professor Tony Travers (LSE), James Raynor (WPA Vice Chair & Grosvenor Property UK),  Michelle McGrath (WPA Board & Shaftesbury Capital)